Brunelli, Luca

Project Title

Everyday life and Older People's Well‐being in Local High Streets. A study of Local Town Centres in Edinburgh.


Local High Streets have always been a focus of activity in UK towns and cities. For many older people their public realm offers a chance to be connected to the community and to participate in local civic and social life, providing access to commercial and community services. By taking three local town centres in Edinburgh as multiple case study, my research explores how these locales are supportive for the well-being of older adults.

Four main dimensions of well-being emerged from the analysis of the ethnographic data collected: social interaction, autonomy, sense of place and aesthetic enjoyment. The discussion highlights those aspects of policies and regulations that may contribute to improve the design and management of local high streets in order to sustain everyday well-being of older adults ageing in place.


Dr Harry Smith and Dr Ryan Woolrych