Project Title

An evaluation of affordable housing policies and strategies in Saudi Arabia, Case study of Jeddah City


Saudi Arabia has grown rapidly in recent years. This urbanization process has gone through massive economic development and population growth in a very short period of time. This has further affected all sectors in Saudi Arabia, especially the housing market as the residential sector specifically has struggled to adapt to the realities of these changes.

Consequently, the Saudi 9th 5-Year National Development Plan from 2010-2014, stated that "The housing sector in the Kingdom faces several issues and challenges, including, adequacy of supply of housing units, rate of home ownership, prevailing price and rent levels for housing units, and availability of finance for housing and residential land".

This study will seek to identify the critical drivers that influence the development of affordable housing solutions in Saudi Arabia from both a planning policy and socio-cultural perspective.


Professor Neil Dunse and Professor Colin Jones