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12 DEC

Time: 12:00-13:00

Location: Seminar Room, Enterprise Oil Building, Edinburgh Campus

Speaker: Baixin Chen

Presenting: A Multipseudopotential interaction lattice Boltzmann model for two-phase flow (by Sorush Khajepor and Baixin Chen)

Abstract: Pseudopotential lattice Boltzmann (LB) models have been recognized as efficient numerical tools to simulate complex fluid systems, including those at thermodynamic equilibrium states and with phase transitions. However,when the equation of state (EOS) of real fluids is implemented, the existing pseudopotential LBmodels suffer from thermodynamic inconsistency. This study presents a multipseudopotential interparticle interaction (MPI) scheme, which is fully consistent with thermodynamics and applicable to engineering applications. In this framework, multiple pseudopotentials are employed to represent dominant interaction potentials at different extents of the mean free path of particles. By simulating van der Waals and Carnahan-Starling fluids, it is demonstrated that the MPI scheme can correctly simulate the physical nature of two-phase systems on the lattice including the continuum predictions of liquid-vapor coexistence states and the sound speeds in liquid and vapor phases. It is also shown that the lattice interactions of theMPI scheme represent underlying molecular interactions as they vary in a broad range from strong short-distance repulsions to weak long-distance attractions during phase transitions. Consequently, the MPI is proved to be a reliable LB scheme as it avoids generating unphysical potentials in implementing the EOSs of real fluids and limiting the spurious velocities at the interface of two-phase systems.