With over 40 years' experience of delivering world-class teaching in petroleum engineering disciplines, you can be assured that our CPD is delivered by truly expert tutors.

The Institute of Petroleum Engineering pioneered the development of research-based CPD learning to meet the requirements of oil, gas, energy sector and industry professionals.

Our specialist training courses can provide you with the general or discipline-specific knowledge that is essential for you to explore and realise your current and future career aspirations.


Course Delivery dates Status Cost
Gas Hydrates and Flow Assurance of Reservoir Fluids 22.01.18 - 26.01.18 Registration open £1,900
Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) 12.03.18 - 16.03.18 Registration open £1,900
Advanced Completion Engineering 16.04.18 - 22.04.18 Registration open £1,900
PVT & Phase Behaviour of Petroleum Reservoir Fluids 14.05.18 - 18.05.18 Registration open £1,900
Petroleum Engineering for Others Disciplines 18.06.18 - 24.06.18 Registration open £1,900

All delivery dates are provisional until confirmed as per our Terms and Conditions.