The Brazil Strategy Group is a formally established Sub-Committee of HWU's International Strategy Group. Its main purpose is to provide a focal point for staff with experience and interest in Brazil to work together to firstly develop, and then oversee, the implementation of the University's strategy for this important country. It is anticipated that this will be a research-led approach, with a focus on collaboration with top universities. It will include other forms of education collaboration and partnerships and can provide a focal point for initiatives (such as the Science without Borders scheme).

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HWU has hosted students and staff under the SwB programme; HWU Dr Gabriela Medero hosted a visiting Professor, Dr Marta da Luz, under the SwB programme. Dr Patricia A. Vargas (School of Mathematics and Computing) hosted Professor Gina Oliveira from Minas Gerais (UFU) for a one-year academic sabbatical under the SwB scheme in 2014. As result a PhD application has been submitted to the SwB scheme and many joint publications have been published and some are under preparation. Nathalia Passos (PUC Rio) has a SwB scholarship for 12 months working with Dr Florian Doster and Prof Sebastian Geiger. Other PhD students who stayed with IPE (EGIS) under the SwB scheme were Marilea Santos (UENF), Iara Grangiotti Montavoni (UFSC), Denise Kronbauer (UFSC) with Dr Rink van Dijke and Dr Zeyun Jiang. Professors/Assistant Professors who stayed at IPE under the SwB scheme were Prof Celso Fernandes (UFSC) and Dr Luiz de Lima (UFPR).