Project Title

Microfabric of deepwater fine grained sediments


In the deep-sea setting, there are three principal mechanisms by which fine-grained sediments are normally deposited: fall-out from suspension (hemipelagite and pelagite), bottom currents (contourites) and turbidity currents (turbidites). There is a process continuum between these mechanisms as well as common process interaction, so that identification of end-member types can be challenging.

One important sediment attribute that can be studied in very small samples is that of microfabric. This attribute is controlled in part by the depositional style, and affected by post-depositional processes. It is also of great interest in understanding the nature of fluid flow through fine-grained sediments.

Owing to the advancement in electron microscopy and other technologies, my research involves studying in detail the microfabric of the process laden sediments within the deepwater setting using electron microscopy and other relevant techniques.


Professor Dorrik Stow, Dr Helen Lever and Dr Jim Buckman