Project Title

The Various Types of Unconformities and their Relationship with the Fluid Flow


Because unconformities are created by different processes with different morphologies and their physical properties will be variable as well. With respect to fluid flow, unconformities may act as either conduits or barriers to fluid flow. Therefore it is important to know the characteristics of these unconformities and the relation between them and their original formation processes. How that can be related to the fluid flow in the basins? We also need to know are the unconformities work as channels and permeable area to the fluid or as seals and barrier to the fluid? How we can predict and confirm that? And how we know if the properties of these unconformities are uniform over the whole basin or not? Is this effect of the unconformities will be constant over time or it may change and how we can predict that? Is it possible for the unconformities to work as accumulation space for the hydrocarbon?


Dr Helen Lever and Dr Dorrik Stow