Project Title

Analysis of Iron Sulphide Scaling


One key challenge associated with oil and gas production are inorganic scales. These deposits can form anywhere in the well and pose a serious threat to production efficiency, system integrity and health and safety. Iron sulphide (FeS), used to be referred to as "exotic scale" due to its less prominent presence in oilfield environments but in more recent years it has become a routinely reported type of deposit. It is common practice to approach FeS scale predictions like other inorganic scales but there are significant additional challenges associated with FeS and a new approach must be taken to provide meaningful and accurate results.

This project combines pressure/volume/temperature (PVT) modelling with scale prediction modelling in a new integrated workflow to produce accurate scale prediction trends used to design effective and efficient mitigation and prevention programs. This is applied research work done using real field scenarios.


Professor Ken Sorbie and Dr Mike Singleton