Project Title

Characterisation of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs


I am a PhD student working, together with Carbonate Reservoir Group, on characterisation of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs (NFRs). My research work involves applying geoengineering workflow in conjunction with Discrete Fracture Modelling (DFM) techniques and unstructured grids reservoir simulations to modelling and analysing NFRs.

The objective is to quantify limitations of existing well-test analysis techniques for NFRs, systematically analyse alternative interpretation methods to understand which features of a NFRs can be detected from well-tests and to utilise well-test analysis to develop flow diagnostics that help to analyse the success of EOR methods (e.g. polymer flooding to divert flow in fractures).

My research interests involve fracture modelling, unstructured grids, well test analysis, flow diagnostics.


Professor Sebastian Geiger and Professor Patrick Corbett