In collaboration with the Royal Academy of Engineering, the School is a recognised Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Building Design. This is one of four such Centres established at UK universities that jointly form a national network to demonstrate and exchange best practice in teaching and research for the sustainable built environment.

The Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Building Design undertakes fundamental and applied research, which helps to shape our cities and towns and leads to a wealthier and fairer, healthier and safer, as well as sustainable society. Our overall objective is to ensure that buildings, infrastructure, public spaces and places are buildable, fit for purpose, resource efficient, sustainable, resilient, adaptable and attractive.

Research Alliance

As part of the strategic research alliance between Heriot-Watt University and the University of Edinburgh, we collaborate with the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture to undertake multi-disciplinary research to address complex challenges. Our research spans a wide spectrum including architectural engineering and services, construction management and innovation, low carbon buildings and sustainable construction, and adaption to climate change.

Royal Academy of Engineering

Our work aims to provide new insights into the current technical, social and management challenges facing the building industry. Our research outcomes help with informing policy makers and providing the knowledge and tools required by building professionals.