Reference Project title Closing date
EGIS2018AE Geological Modelling using Deep-learning Techniques 30 November 2018
EGIS2018BH Ocean Carbon Cycling, Novel Insights from Planktonic Foraminifera 31 January 2019
IAP2-18-103 Ecological Function of a Water-sensing Molecular Fossil 18 January 2019
IAP2-18-104 Impact of Blue/Green Infrastructure Interventions and Future Land use Scenarios on Dynamic Evolution of Natural Capital 18 January 2019
IAP2-18-105 Characterising SuDS Pond Sediments in Relation to Water Quality, Biodiversity & Ecosystem Functioning: Implications for Provision of Multiple Benefits 18 January 2019
IAP2-18-106 Microbial Methane Cycling in Scottish Peatlands 18 January 2019
IAP2-18-107 Bio-physical Interactions and Adaptive Coastal Protection of Dynamic Vegetation Patches  18 January 2019
IAP2-18-108 Integration of Geodiversity into Ecosystem Services Frameworks 18 January 2019
IAP2-18-109 Centennial-scale Records of Water Quality in the Sub-tropical South Atlantic  18 January 2019
IAP2-18-170 De-risking Unconventional Hydrocarbon Exploration through Novel Biogeochemical Approaches: Towards a Systematic Understanding of Organic Matter Processes in the Subsurface and their Impact on the Environment
18 January 2019