Open for application
Reference Project title Closing date
JWS2020-ND Commercial Real Estate Valuation and Appraisal in the Digitalised Age
JWS2020-JU Development and Evolution of the West Greenland Passive Continental Margin
JWS202-HS The Evolution of Community Participation in City Development in Medellín, Colombia
JWS2020-GN2 Migration, Sexual and Gender-based Violence and Access to Water and Sanitation
JWS2020-SA Impact of Blue/Green Infrastructure Interventions and Future Land Use Scenarios on Dynamic Evolution of Natural Capital
JWS2020-GN1 Forced Migration, Mobile Technology and Participation
JWS2020-AE Data-Driven Upscaling for Flow in Fractured Porous Media
JWS2020-MG Ultra-low Water Usage Sanitation Systems in Developing Countries: Modelling and Optimisation of Simplified Sewerage Systems
JWS2020-BJ New Carbon Economy in Valuation of Energy Projects
JWS2020-UN Causes and Consequences of Giant Submarine Landslides, New Zealand
JWS2020-GB Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency Principles Applied to the Development of a Sustainable Innovative Building Material
JWS2020-BS Development of 3D Printing of Concrete
JWS2020-BSG Estimation of Arsenic Contamination in Agricultural Soils by Combining the Reflectance Spectroscopy of Soils and Plants
JWS2020-CK The Historical Composition of Transparent Paper: Constitution, Conservation and Deterioration
JWS2020-RR Characterisation of Flash Floods in Urban Areas of the United Arab Emirates
JWS2020-GV Topology Optimisation and Assessment of Steel Structural Joints
JWS2020-CJ Developments in Logistics and the Implications for Warehousing
JWS2020-FW Developing a Personal Comfort Model for Older Occupants in Care Homes
JWS2020-CM Austerity Urbanism
JWS2020-BE Retrofit Decision Making on Heritage Buildings: Giving Stakeholders a Voice
JWS2020-CM2 Monitoring and Modelling of Ground Vibration Activity from Onshore Wind Farms
JWS2020-JH Performative Design and Modeling of Advanced Building Façade using BIM
JWS2020-SM Efficient Finite Element Modelling of Multiscale Problems
JWS2020-ISPHERE PhD Scholarships in the Institute for Social Policy, Housing and Equalities Research
JWS2020-RB Thermophysical Properties of Hydrogen-Natural Gas Blends
JWS2020-AC Optimising Energy Well Plug and Abandonment through Data Analytics and Modelling
JWS2020-ILES PhD Institute of Life and Earth Sciences
JWS2020-LG The Impact of Positive Soundscapes in Indoor Built Environments
JWS2020-KS Thermoregulation and Ventilation in Termite Nests: Towards Bio-Inspired Solutions to Design Energy Efficient Buildings
JWS2020-MS Climate Change Consequences on Soil Behaviour and Soil-structure Interactions
JWS2020-HC Optimising the Ventilation Performance of Double Skin Facades in Extreme Climates
EGIS2019DJ Characterising energy demand profiles for future low-carbon homes