Open for application
Reference Project title Closing date
EGIS2018BH Ocean Carbon Cycling, Novel Insights from Planktonic Foraminifera
JWS2019-RVD Fast algorithms for cluster dynamics in multi-phase flow pore-networks
JWS2019-DW Modelling of carbon cycling in a coastal system
JWS2019-GV A novel joint for mitigating fire-induced progressive collapse in steel buildings
JWS2019-SM Modelling ground borne vibrations using efficient finite elements
JWS2019-ISPHERE PhD Scholarships in the Institute for Social Policy, Housing and Equalities Research
JWS2019-CK Exploring the links between memories, heritage and sense of place amongst older adults using visual and creative methods
JWS2019-SP Developing a hybrid system of data-centric approaches for energy demand analytics
JWS2019-HB Microbial drivers of coralline algae ecosystem function
JWS2019-DJ Developing community energy performance assessments through simulation
JWS2019-QZ Interaction of Floating Wind Energy System with Wind and Wave at Multiple Directions
JWS2019-TUI PhD Scholarships in The Urban Institute (TUI)
JWS2019-JM Interplays of compressible gas, liquid phase and organic pore surfaces in shale pores, and their impacts on shale gas production: a pore-scale modelling study
JWS2019-KJ Marine Spatial Planning at the Crossroads - updating policy and practice for the Blue Economy at the regions
JWS2019-KS Enhancing construction health and safety through effective weather warning
JWS2019-JP Risk based analysis of biofouling impact on submerged infrastructure at high-energy marine sites in the Northern Periphery
JWS2019-SH The effects of fluid flow on the transport properties of faults in Enhanced Geothermal Systems
JWS2019-ZJ DL-assisted interpretation and upscaling of petrophysical properties in carbonate rocks
JWS2019-RC Forecasting for reservoir management using a machine learning implementation of well2seis
JWS2019-AC1 The coexistence of aquaculture and inshore fisheries in Scotland: An ecotoxicological approach to establish potential contamination
JWS2019-MT The transition to secondary school for young people from economically disadvantaged background
JWS2019-JU Development and Evolution of the West Greenland Passive Continental Margin
JWS2019-NH Graphene modified Bitumen: Impact of Graphene Nano particle on the rheological and engineering properties of bituminous mixture
JWS2019–MB4 Surface-based modelling of tensorial fluid flow in fractured systems – application to modelling subsurface energy from petroleum and geothermal resources
JWS2019-MB2 Optimisation of essential habitat in sustainable fishery management
JWS2019-AF Evaluating historic masonry materials deterioration within a context of climate change prediction models and building resilience risk analysis
JWS2019-SA Sustainable drainage system design and performance
JWS2019-MG Photovoltaic characterisation and degradation due to soiling
JWS2019-VD Geological realism in seismic stratigraphy integration into reservoir property prediction with Multiple-Point Geostatistics
JWS2019-LG The impact of positive soundscapes in indoor built environments
JWS2019-MB1 Engaging fishers to understand and conserve sawfish in Queensland
JWS2019-RR Optimal Water Distribution Network Design with Nature Inspired Computing (NIC)
JWS2019-AC2 Precipitation and deposition of diamondoids in production systems
JWS2019-MB3 Using outrigger systems from steel plates in tall reinforced concrete buildings