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Revolutionising the construction industry

How an eco-friendly building brick, made from 90 per cent recycled material, promises to help the construction industry build sustainable, affordable, low carbon homes.

Uncovering the secrets of carbon transport

Investigating how carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds flow through the ocean and rivers, to help scientists produce more accurate models of climate change impacts.

Community mitigation of landslide risks

Currently over a quarter of the world's urban population live in self-built neighbourhoods  and slums, which are seriously vulnerable to the impacts of weather, climate change and so-called 'natural' disasters.

Deaf people, sign language and social justice

In the UK, there are around seventy thousand deaf people who use British Sign Language (BSL) as their first or preferred language. What do they have in common? They face barriers in all areas of life...

A systems approach to floods and drought

Climate change has been part of our lives for years and we still have only a few concrete ideas of what will happen to the weather in the future.

Spearheading sustainable energy for all

One of the most pressing environmental and economic challenges of our time is the reduction of harmful carbon dioxide emissions.

Talking tech: machines in conversation

OK Google… Hey Siri… Alexa - let's chat…
Voice interactive systems are all around us – at home, at work or even on your wrist.

Can homelessness happen to anyone?

You’ve probably heard charities and politicians say things like 'homelessness can happen to any of us' or 'we’re all three pay cheques away from homelessness’. But is this actually true?

Robots, autism and the workplace

Robots and artificial intelligence are a part of our future. So harnessing their powers to help people with autism today, will help millions tomorrow.

Why do some companies always perform better?

Have you ever wondered why some businesses perform better than others, irrespective of economic conditions?