From discovery to application, our pioneering researchers deliver results with far-reaching global impact, helping to transform society and drive the economy.

Pioneering carbon storage

Leading research and innovation across the entire carbon capture and storage chain, to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions and meet our future energy demands.

Making a real difference

Life-changing research, in one of the UK's top social and urban policy centres, creating solutions and tackling global issues in housing and poverty in the real world.

Protecting human health

Working with governments and industry worldwide driving innovative research solutions into the safe use of nanotechnology to protect and improve human health.

Spearheading cell biology

Spearheading a revolution in cell biology to deepen our knowledge of the causes of a wide range of diseases, which is attracting scientific interest worldwide.

Bridging global boundaries

Leading the way on the effects of multilingual and multicultural communication, bridging global language boundaries, creating understanding in the real world.

Innovating global design

Innovating design practice on a global scale by exploring how communication works between design professionals and craft practitioners.

Tackling energy head on

Tackling the global oil industry's most challenging issues through forensic geoscience research revealing new understanding of how sedimentary basins develop and evolve.  

Revolutionising robots

Pioneering robotics research to revolutionise the global economy, spanning the nuclear, space and offshore industries, transport, healthcare and manufacturing.

Ground-breaking AI

Ground-breaking artificial intelligence research with robots that can learn language and interact socially with pioneering applications across global industry.

Improving quality of life

Making an impact in the medical and engineering sectors through novel surface engineering solutions that improve product quality and longevity to make a real difference.

Securing communication

Developing practical quantum communication systems and imaging approaches to protect data security systems from global cyber attack.

Fashioning the future

Pioneering research into ‘psychotextiles' has the potential to transform product manufacturing, engineering, art and design - and mood.