As a technology-focused university we offer an impressive range of laboratories, workshops and specialised equipment that businesses can access for a range of purposes including experimental work, testing prototypes, data analysis or training.

Our facilities are fully supported by expert technicians and specialist members of staff who can assist with use of the equipment and help with outcomes including interpretation of results.

Contact us at Research and Enterprise Services for detailed information on our facilities or search the equipment we have available.

Research Park

Research Park

We created the Heriot-Watt University Research Park in line with our commitment to collaboration with industry, enabling companies to establish their own research and development groups within our Edinburgh Campus. 

Our aim is to provide the best possible location for companies to undertake the development of new products, processes and services, with easy access to the University's staff and facilities. The emphasis at the park is on research, development, design, engineering, training, and prototyping activities leading to manufacture.