Lindsey is a 2nd year PhD student and early year’s researcher in a European training network called EUROPAH.  The network consists of researchers based across Europe who study the different chemicals that are found on earth and in space.  Lindsey brought the network together to deliver a range of engagement activities at the Heriot-Watt Open Day in 2018.  People of all ages were able to learn more about EUROPAH’s work through a range of interactive activities, e.g. using Lego to understand chemical reactions occurring on meteorites and asteroids.

Since beginning her PhD Lindsey knew she wanted to be involved in public engagement.  In her application she stressed the importance of public engagement with STEMM as a way to change people’s perception about what science is and what a scientist looks like.  In relation to the latter, she has made it her goal to emphasise that scientists are real people beyond stereotypes, and to convey to young people that anyone can be a scientist. She believes that public engagement is the best way to show ‘future scientists’ that science and research is extremely diverse and multidisciplinary. 

With the £1000 prize money, Lindsey plans to develop an ‘Ask the Scientist’ activity that can be used at any public engagement event, and to invest in materials to enhance existing interactive activities.