Edinburgh is a hub for a range of festivals, with Heriot-Watt staff and students involved in many of them throughout the year.

Discover some of the events that the University is involved with in the city's festivals this year.

Edinburgh International Science Festival

The University has been involved in the EISF for many years as a Funding Partner. The Science Festival has run since 1989 and is one of Europe's largest celebrations of science and technology.

The EISF Call for Ideas for 2018 is offering you the chance to be part of the 2018 Edinburgh International Science Festival, which will run from 31 March–15 April. Our call is open to anyone – individuals, groups or organisations – with bright ideas and a passion for communicating them. Further information is available on their website.

In 2017, we were delighted to be part of the following shows & exhibitions:

Contemporary Connections

Saturday 1 April - Friday 12 May, Summerhall

Heriot-Watt's Artists-in-Residence, Lily Hibberd and Hannah Imlach, showcase the outputs of their collaboration. This exhibition – co-curated by Edinburgh International Science Festival, Summerhall and ASCUS Art & Science – celebrates some of the very special works created when artists and scientists get together, showcasing collaborations and interpretations of real data that provide new windows onto some fascinating and intriguing areas of science.

Robot Lab

Saturday 1 - Monday 3 April, National Museum of Scotland

Come and interact with robots from the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics. From an assembly line robot that wants to learn how to work with you, to cute football-playing robots, learn about the many ways in which robots are trying to understand and imitate human beings.

With the MuMMER team (MACS)

Dialogues: When Arts meets Science

Saturday 1 April, Summerhall

What happens when art and science connect, when artists and scientists meet and collaborate?

Exhibiting artists from Contemporary Connections, including Lily Hibberd and Hannah Imlach, join some of their scientific collaborators to discuss the subjects of their work and the nature of their collaborations. How might the arts and humanities inform science and contribute to its advancement? What roles do culture, imagination, argumentation, creativity, discovery and curiosity play in scientific enquiry? Is there a role for the arts in informing science?

With Prof. Daniele Faccio, Prof. Rory Duncan, Dr. Paul Dalgarno (EPS), Hannah Imlach and Lily Hibberd. Funded by Heriot-Watt University and the Leverhulme Trust.

MPYD Bionics Lab: Let's play with Nature

Saturday 1 — Sunday 2 April, RZSS Edinburgh Zoo

Some amazing natural phenomena have been recreated and are now used in industry and manufacture as well as being found in everyday products. In the MPYD Bionics Lab workshop, you can discover how basic natural phenomena can be reproduced using this special kit.

With Julia Faerber and Ruben Kruiper (EPS)

Predicting the Effects of Climate Change by 2100

Monday 3 April - Dynamic Earth

When it comes to climate change, the question is no longer is it happening? but how quickly is our planet changing? and by how much will it change due to carbon emissions? Many experts are convinced that we have already passed a tipping point, and climate change is now inevitable. They worry that the recent rise in climate scepticism in the media will hamper efforts to limit carbon emissions. But what might life on earth might be like at the end of the century?

Join experts in their fields including Prof Murray Roberts (University of Edinburgh) a marine biologist who is co-author of the UN 2014 report on the impacts of ocean acidification on marine biodiversity and the 5th IPCC climate change assessment; Prof Dorrik Stow (Heriot-Watt University) a geologist with expertise in past climates; and Dr Phil Williamson (University of East Anglia) coordinator of the UK ocean acidification programme and recent target of a climate denier smear campaign to uncover the issues at hand.

How Do You Weigh A Chimpanzee?

Thursday 6 - Friday 7 April - RZSS Edinburgh Zoo

RZSS uses regular weight checks to monitor the health of its animals, but weighing animals can sometimes be a tricky task. Luckily some engineering students from Heriot-Watt University were able make things a bit easier by creating special chimpanzee scales. This is your chance to meet the scientists and hear how they came up with designs.

VR Worlds: Meet the Experts

Friday 7 April  - Dynamic Earth

Come and meet experts from Heriot Watt University, Energy Skills Partnership and ORE Catapult who are working to develop a hybrid reality world that mixes up real and virtual reality worlds. You’ll also get the chance to experience what its like to conduct an inspection on the top of a wind turbine, all from the comfort of your head mounted display!

How to Sustain: Sustainability and its Societal Implications

Saturday 8 April - Summerhall

Sustainability is a concept frequently discussed in the public sphere, but what do we really mean by it? This discussion will examine the interdisciplinary approaches across ecology, economics, politics and the often-neglected angle of culture that can help scientists and academics clearly communicate ideas around sustainability and its implications to the public, increasing  awareness and understanding of this current and broad-ranging topic.

With Dr Elli-Maria Charalampidou, EGIS & Dr Nikolaos Papadogiannis (Bangor University, School of History)

Your Robot Roommate

Saturday 8 April - National Museum of Scotland

Robot companionship could offer many solutions for improving the way we live our lives, work and take care of  others. Join Prof Kerstin Dautenhahn from the Adaptive Systems Research Group, University of Hertfordshire and intelligent home assistant expert Ondrej Dusek from Heriot-Watt University to find out what advances in robotics will mean for a possible future where robots and humans live happily together.

Morality out of Money

Sunday 9 April - Summerhall

The ethical norm of reciprocity is deeply imbedded in the financial mathematical theory and together reciprocity, charity and sincerity create the trust necessary for finance. Join Timothy Johnson (MACS) to explore how markets legislate for sincerity and uncover how these ideas are relevant for crowfunding and bitcoin, yet sometimes missing in contemporary finance.

Play On - Sign Language & Robotics

Sunday 9 - Tuesday 11 April - National Museum of Scotland

Join Boris Mocialov and his team (MACS) at a brand new interactive exhibition that lets you get hands-on with the amazing ways technology influences our leisure time, showcase the science behind why we play and the amazing new developments in how we do it.

Intelligent Transport: Connecting Our World

Wednesday 12 April - Summerhall

From driverless pods to bespoke individual travel planning, how can we combine technology and data for better and more intelligent transport systems? Join Prof John Nelson and Dr Caitlin Cottrill from the University of Aberdeen, with Dr Phil Greening from Heriot-Watt University (EGIS) and Dr Ron Oren from Transport Systems Catapult, to explore initiatives aimed at promoting the travel experience. This event is presented under the University Partnership Programme.