Edinburgh is a hub for a range of festivals, with Heriot-Watt staff and students involved in many of them throughout the year.

Edinburgh International Science FestivalEdinburgh International Science Festival

The University has been involved in the EISF for many years as a Funding Partner. The Science Festival has run since 1989 and is one of Europe's largest celebrations of science and technology.

In 2018, we are delighted to be weloming the science festival to Oriam, the National Performance Centre for Sport, at our Edinburgh Campus. 

Family Fun Day @ Oriam - 14 April 

Get hands-on with cutting edge research at Heriot-Watt. As part of Heriot-Watt's Year of the Sea, we will transform Oriam, Scotland's National Performance Centre for Sport, into an underwater world, creating a day out packed with workshops and interactive events.

Further details here.

Egg Sense @ RZSS Edinburgh Zoo - 5 - 6 April

Meet the team of Heriot-Watt Engineering students who have designed a ‘biosensor’ egg, an incredible invention to help us understand what happens when birds sit on their eggs. With activities like the Who Laid It? game to familiarise you with some of the birds at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, this engineering-meets-nature event is going to be a lot of fun!

What Does a Robot Think About When No One is Around? @ SummerHall - 8 April

Join Oliver Lemon, Professor of AI, Heriot-Watt University and anthropologist and AI expert Dr Beth Singler from the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion at the University of Cambridge for a whistle-stop tour inside the brains of the brightest robot recruits. We will discuss what it takes to make robots that can navigate real world environments and understand the needs of humans. There will also be a chance to code your own lego robot, and find out what challenges researchers are solving to create a future full of useful robotic friends.

Experimentarium: Robot-assisted surgery @ Summerhall - 9 - 13 April

Discover how robot assistants can help you perform keyhole surgery! You'll find demonstrations and explanations to help you find out about what it feels like to be a surgeon. You'll even have the chance to try out the laparoscopy training box, watching how robots can help make moving surgical instruments more accurate and precise.

A Very Short Introduction to... Oceans @ Summerhall - 9 April

Oceans are hugely important – as a source of food and mineral wealth, as homes for a vast variety of wildlife, and for the role they play in climate regulation. Here, sedimentologist and oceanographer Prof Dorrik Stow explores everything about oceans, and reveals why the new knowledge gained of the ocean-Earth systems and their interaction with the human environment is vital to our understanding of how we can preserve them.

Meet the Marine Scientists @ Dynamic Earth - 10 April

Join marine scientists from Heriot-Watt University to get up-close and personal with some wee sea beasties from around our shores and discover how we can find out more about the animals that live thousands of metres below the ocean surface. You’ll learn how we can use the buried skeletons of marine plants and animals to understand how the ocean environment changes over time and find out how research is helping scientists to better protect our marine environment from damaging human activities.