Prof Umit Bititci

Have you ever wondered why some businesses perform better than others, irrespective of economic conditions?

On the face of it, all organisations are the same. They have people operating processes that deliver results.

But, on closer inspection, our research at Heriot-Watt has shown that success comes down to five key areas.

The first is that successful organisations manage their workflows effectively by understanding their value streams.

Second, they use carefully constructed simple systems to measure performance and manage flows of work through the business.

Third, they use these measures effectively making them an important part of everyone’s work.

Fourth, they learn from all of the above to ensure they identify opportunities to move forward, innovate solutions, and change faster than competitors.

And finally, all this is underpinned by a team-based culture. They appear to be in control without being controlling.

These five areas have helped inform our unified theory of performance which a number of our business partners have implemented to help them succeed and grow.