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The Stand, Edinburgh

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Join The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas and challenge your preconceptions on hot button issues!

Obesity Bankrupted Our NHS!

Too many of us are obese. Too many nurses are obese. It’s a fatal combination and the NHS is struggling under the weight. Obesity is something we just can’t afford. For every £100 spent on the NHS, a fiver is spent on obesity. In a decade, it’ll be a tenner. That’s £12 billion a year – enough to double the number of nurses in the NHS. Join Richard Kyle (Edinburgh Napier University) for a controversial take on the choice we face: pay up or slim down?

Don’t you smile at me!

Our world is getting colder - emotionally. We excel in hate crime and shit storms rather than giving each other a warm, feel-good glow. Loneliness and socially-related mental health issues are prevailing throughout Western society. We know from research in education and leadership easy ways to inspire and nurture the people around us, but Jule Hildmann (The University of Edinburgh) reckons most people would rather be grumpy. Why bother anyway?

Are You a Problem Addict?

Problems are like whirlpools – they suck you in. How often have you found yourself talking over and over about the same ‘difficult’ people and other irritations? What if you don’t actually need to understand a problem to come up with a great solution? This is the radical idea at the heart of Solution Focus. Rayya Ghul (The University of Edinburgh), internationally-renowned solution-focused practitioner, will bust myths about the value of problem-solving. You’ll have a chance to learn the skills behind conversations that can create real and lasting change. Are you ready to give up stressing?