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Postgraduate Centre, Edinburgh Campus

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Ignoring the views of climate change deniers, we are in times of a climate crisis (Fridays for Future) or anthropogenic climate change (scientists), caused mainly by combustion of fossil fuels and emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change links droughts, flooding, sea level rise and melting of ice caps to climate change, with dramatic worsening predicted in the future. The world needs to reduce its climate gas emissions and to decarbonise industry, housing, food production and transport, to limit the increase of the global temperature to less than 1.5°C; and the world needs to take action immediately.

We have engineering solutions already in place to manage this change - that require vast investment, political convictions, policy development and a drastic change in human behaviour.

Professor Andreas Busch’s Inaugural Lecture explores solutions for the large-scale industrial implementation of technologies with the potential to reduce our carbon footprint significantly, and to deliver safe, permanent, affordable and decentralised energy at the same time.

Refreshments 4.30pm-5.00pm
Lecture 5-6pm
Followed by a drinks reception

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