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Dubai Campus

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This workshop is for Postgraduate Students based at Heriot-Watt's Dubai campus only. Priority will be given to students participating in 3 Minute Thesis competition. This workshop is designed to improve research communication in preparation for the 3 Minute Thesis competition and as such it will be particularly relevant for students who have successfully applied to take part in the Heriot-Watt 3 Minute Thesis competition.

Pre-work: Students must have learnt and rehearsed their 3 Minute Thesis presentation and have their slide complete.

Advertised time is UK time. Dubai time is 3/4 hours ahead.

By the end of this workshop, participants will have had a practical induction to effectively improving and enhancing your voice skill in preparation for the 3 Minute Thesis competition. Topics covered in this workshop are:

  • How to engage audiences.
  • Best practice in research communication.
  • Effective story telling.
  • The building blocks of communications.
  • Making complex subjects simple.
  • Speech and voice coaching.


Research Futures Academy