Students from across disciplines to compete in Shell Eco-Marathon in June



Is it possible to participate in a nationwide competition armed with only perseverance, teamwork and grit? With the recent announcement of the remaining contestants bolstering confidence, Malaysia’s Heriot-Watt Racing Team is determined to continue proving that this is not a delusional question.

Being among the 100 teams spanning Asia and the Middle East, the team succeeded in becoming one of the top 12 teams in Malaysia to compete in the upcoming Shell Eco-marathon in June. In line with the sustainability movement, this challenge focuses on researching, building and designing the most fuel-efficient vehicle. Heriot-Watt Racing Team has currently developed a battery-electric prototype using aluminium and recycled fibreglass as the main materials in hopes of winning the challenge.

Despite having less experience, budget and technical knowledge as a newly formed team, the members were hungry for wisdom, with a remarkable cast of students ranging from different years and backgrounds: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Quantity Surveying and Construction Project Management.

“Even though my background is Construction Project Management, I got the chance to learn valuable knowledge from other professions. Due to the diversity, I learned to be adaptive in my management skills when dealing with different perspectives, so that the team is self-motivated to collaborate and deliver the best in themselves”,

Team Manager, Nur Afifah Ab Wahab

Students are able to grasp technical knowledge and crucial 21st Century soft skills from the constant hands-on workmanship, to project management, proper documentation and progress planning activities. Moreover, engaging with team members from diverse disciplines allows students to practice and value the importance of teamwork. It is a golden opportunity to prepare for the future career perspective by acquiring a wider exposure during the industry-oriented competition. Thus, this creates an excellent platform to train students to be competitive and well-rounded individuals.

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