Staff Election to the Court 2020



An exciting opportunity will arise this summer when an election will be held to fill a vacancy arising this year in the staff elected membership of the Court. 

If you are an Academic Staff member* at any campus of the University please consider standing in the election: if you are interested to contribute to the University at the highest level; if you are enthusiastic for the success of the University; if you are motivated to achieve positive change; and if you believe that you could contribute to decision-making that will make a difference to all of the University’s students and staff. 

(*“Academic Staff” means Staff falling within those categories of Staff listed as academic staff in the Ordinances. These are posts with academic, teaching or research duties)

The period of appointment will be for three years from 1 August 2020. It is important for staff members standing for nomination to have reasonable confidence that they can commit to the full term of membership.   

The University is committed to achieving greater diversity across the membership of the Court, therefore interest from individuals from a wide range of backgrounds will be particularly welcomed, as will nominations from female staff members, who are currently under-represented on the Court.  Further advice is provided via the link below.

In accordance with Ordinance B2: Appointment to the Court of Members of Staff of the University, an election to the Court one member of staff of the University will be held on Monday 15 June 2020. In terms of Statute 4: The Court, two members of Staff (one of whom shall not be a member of the Academic Staff) elected by the Staff shall be included in the membership of the Court.

The current Court members in this category are:

  • Professor Mairead Nic Craith (Academic Staff member) (member until 31 July 2020)
  • Dr Amanda Lyness (Professional Service Staff member) (member until 31 July 2020)
  • Ms Dawn Skidmore (Professional Service Staff member) (member until 31 July 2021)

In compliance with Statute 4: The Court, the number of staff Court members elected by the Staff will reduce from three places to two in 2020, in order to accommodate one of two new nominated trade union members mandated by the Higher Education Governance (Scotland) Act 2016.

All staff of the University are entitled to nominate an Academic Staff member and to vote in the election which will take place should more than one nomination be received.

An Electoral Roll including the names of members of staff entitled to vote will be available for consultation within Corporate Governance. Eligibility for inclusion on the Roll is defined as having a contract of employment with the University as at 20 April 2020.

Further information about the nominations process, the nominations form and guidance for nominees and nominators on the role and responsibilities of Court members can be found at:

Nomination Forms must be received by 4.00 pm UK time on Friday 6 May 2020.

Sue Collier, Global Director of Governance & Legal Services and Acting Returning Officer, April 2020