Heriot-Watt launches Prospectus for Recovery and Growth



This week, Heriot-Watt launches its Prospectus for Recovery and Growth, illustrating our commitment to supporting the global recovery efforts in relation to Covid-19. The Prospectus builds on our Strategy 2025: Shaping Tomorrow Together in which we place collaboration, partnership and accelerating commercialisation at the heart of our approach.

Recognising that the pandemic has resulted in an unparalleled global health and economic crisis, we realise that universities must continue to educate, research and innovate, playing a critical role in the post COVID-19 recovery and supporting a sustainable, green economic recovery.

As we rebuild, we aim to maximise opportunities for innovation, solve significant issues and drive impactful socio-economic benefits, drawing on our research strengths and supporting our students, researchers, businesses and communities to recover and prosper.

The Prospectus sets out four primary commitments, and accompanying actions, focused on the following areas:

  • Aligning our research to inclusive economic growth and green recovery
    Focusing our research strengths and commercialisation activities on enabling sustainable economic growth and supporting the green recovery. Our Global Research Institutes and Frontier Research Areas will support the creation of new high-growth, knowledge-driven economic sectors – creating the products and solutions of the future.
  • Focusing on the skills and expertise we need for the future
    Our pioneering online and responsive blended learning approaches have demonstrated, throughout the crisis, the agility of our University. The acceleration of skills of the future, and the reskilling/retraining of the existing workforce is required to drive an education-led recovery. We have a vital role to play in helping people prepare and transition into new ways of working, and in developing the skills and leadership required for coming times.
  • Inspiring our young people to be ambitious, resilient and enterprising
    We recognise that COVID-19 will have a disproportionately negative impact on our youth and, to help our students stand out, we commit to further instilling key qualities such as emotional intelligence and developing positive personal qualities such as resilience, happiness, self-awareness and self-motivation; alongside leadership qualities; and understanding purpose.
  • Engaging our global networks, to drive transformative recovery
    We will utilise our global networks as an engine for transformational recovery, to develop cross-cutting solutions for an inclusive, sustainable future - bringing together teams across disciplines, organisations and nations to work together to address the impact of this global crisis.

The initiatives laid out in the Prospectus need your support and we invite you to engage by contributing to an existing initiative outlined in the Prospectus, proposing an exciting new idea you think would advance recovery and drive future growth, or by championing the commitments and initiatives we have set out through your own work.

We encourage you to download the Prospectus or get in touch through our dedicated web page.