Dr. Anas Bataw appointed as Director of Heriot-Watt University Dubai’s Centre of Excellence in Smart Construction



Dr Anas Bataw

Heriot-Watt University has announced the appointment of Dr. Anas Bataw as Director of its visionary centre, the Centre of Excellence in Smart Construction (CESC).

Dr. Bataw joins CESC with a wealth of experience and a proven track record in academia and industry collaboration in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sectors not only in the UAE but also in UK, Singapore, Malaysia, KSA, Qatar and India.

He has led on a number of renowned businesses and large scale programmes across the Middle East, where he contributed to the development and implementation of AEC innovations and Smart City initiatives. In this role, he will establish and execute an agile strategy for CESC and lead CESC’s operations to meet industry demands and ensure successful strategic global partnerships with all stakeholders.

Dr. Bataw will be responsible for positioning CESC and HWU as pioneer in global research and enterprise and partner with sector-leading organisations to address opportunities and challenges faced in the construction sector by establishing and leading vibrant and collaborative initiatives with a strong emphasis on smart construction to drive innovations in the sector.

Speaking on his appointment, Dr. Anas Bataw commented “The work that CESC have undertaken and have planned moving forward is even more crucial to assist and enable the construction industry to adapt to a post – pandemic world. Our collaboration with government and industry partners will continue to assist and aid not only the digital transformation of the industry but also meeting improved sustainability targets and wellbeing in the workplace.

I am delighted to join CESC and am committed to continue and improve the valuable work that is required to improve and assist the construction industry”

Professor Ammar Kaka, Provost and Vice Principal of Heriot – Watt University commented “We are delighted to welcome Dr. Bataw to CESC. He brings a high level of expertise and a clear vision on the importance of academia and industry collaboration that will undoubtably compliment and strengthen the values of CESC”.

Heriot – Watt launched CESC in September 2019 with the sole purpose to encourage academia, industry and government to work collaboratively in order to transform the future of construction. CESC is committed to undertake industry relevant- research and development, knowledge transfer, and stakeholder engagement that shapes and transforms the future of the construction industry and the development of the next generation of construction professionals for the benefit of the economy.