Heriot-Watt Innovation Challenge: finalist announcement



We are delighted to announce that following the receipt of 26 applications, 15 students have been announced as finalists for the Heriot-Watt Innovation Challenge. Submissions were received from aspiring innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs from across our Global campus locations and Online.

The competition, led by GRID’s Enterprise team, offers the opportunity to win up to £500 for a viable idea in Semester 1 and up to £20,000 in Semester 2.

Supported by Converge, Scotland’s leading company creation programme for staff, students, and recent graduates of all Scottish Universities.  Students are guided throughout the process via online resources, expert advice, and specialist workshops. Workshops are designed to stimulate idea development through innovative thinking and exploration - turning ideas into viable business opportunities and utilising Lean Canvas methodology to deconstruct business ideas down to their key components.

As next steps, students will attend a pitching training workshop on 25 November, ahead of pitching formally on 2 December in front of an expert judging panel for a chance to secure a cash prize.

Heriot-Watt Innovation Challenge Finalists and Ideas:

Mael A E Abgrall (Graduate) - MSc Business Strategy, Leadership & Change, Edinburgh Campus
DynaFAQ is a website that aims to provide much better communications for universities & businesses.”

Aya S A Ahmed - MBA Entrepreneurship and Creativity, Dubai Campus
“A mobile application to collect recyclables from end users, in exchange for rewards.

Manos Broumidis - PhD Chemistry, Edinburgh Campus
Mechanochemistry is a solvent-free and green technique for making useful chemicals by grinding them together using commercial ball mills. This product offers an easy to use ball mill which will enable scientists to embrace this emerging technology.”

Anand Budhan, Mohammad Fawaz S Almomani - MSc Managing Innovation, Dubai Campus
“A digital platform that makes learning more engaging and interactive with gamified, context-based digital learning objects.”

Alice Burgoyne - BA International Business Management with Marketing, Edinburgh Campus
"A Mental Wellbeing platform which will make a difference through the creation of a Self-Improvement/mental wellbeing service, which takes a holistic, “non-therapy” approach to better mental wellbeing, with a focus on productivity, and improved levels of purpose and life-satisfaction."

Evan Gwynne Davies - MEng Architectural Engineering, Edinburgh
“Scrapp is a free-to-download app that combats consumer confusion. By scanning the barcode found on any household item, Scrapp shows you how to dispose of your product correctly and rewards you for doing so.”

Opeyemi Ibukun - PhD (Petroleum Engineering), Off-Campus Research
“A learning management system, where teaching and learning can be carried out in response to the disruption of academic services in Nigerian Universities caused by COVID-19.”

Jo-Ann Williamson - BA International Business with Marketing, Edinburgh Campus
"RecEAT is a mobile application aimed at reducing paper waste from printing receipts, making it easier for consumers and organisations to make sustainable choices.

Liam Corbett - MSc Petroleum Engineering, Independent Distance Learning
“An oil and gas asset integrity system designed to showcase simple yet comprehensive data interpretation, customisable data entry and user functionality.

Muhammad Bin Mujahid - (Hons) Mechanical Engineering, Dubai Campus
“A unique, smart, sustainable; farm scale Aquaponics system, powered by clean energy, which allows for great water efficiency  and lets crops grow even in harsh climates.

Musa Taramov - MSC Petroleum Engineering, Independent Distance Learning
“BaysData Consulting develops artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for Oil and Gas industry. The Automatic Video Surveillance solution for drilling rig operations helps companies to reduce risks of breaching QSHE standards, identify reasons of Invisible Lost Time (ILT) and optimise corporate assets.”

Onne A Okpu - PhD Chemical Engineering (Graduate) – Edinburgh Campus
“Our business idea is to establish a giant African snail farm and snail meat processing business based in Scotland. The mission is to sell our produce, (live snails and processed snail meat), in commercial quantities.

Ajoke Olayiwola - MSc. Business Analytics and Consultancy, Edinburgh Campus
“Our product is a parcel delivery comparison and online booking application that allows you as an individual or business to contact, book and track your chosen courier service provider for the delivery of your products.”

Lewis Sharpe - PhD Computer Science, Edinburgh Campus
“An interactive serious mobile game for children that simulates the process of building a computer in a virtual animated environment.”

Spyros Daskalakis - Graduate, Edinburgh Campus
“A novel battery-free, low cost RFID sensor for agricultural applications.”