Universities UK seeks panel members to support tackling racial harassment



In October 2019 the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) published its report ‘Tackling racial harassment: universities challenged‘.

A number of actions are being taken forward to respond to the findings of the report. In Scotland, the SFC is working with the EHRC to develop a Memorandum of Understanding; the SFC and EHRC, with the support of Scottish Government and Universities Scotland, are establishing a short life expert steering group (on which Heriot-Watt University will be represented); and a desk-based research exercise is to be carried out to support the work of the steering group and by extension universities and colleges in Scotland to address the report.

Advance HE is also working with Universities UK (UUK) to support the work of an advisory group established to develop guidance on tackling racial harassment in universities. To inform this work, Advance HE are hosting a staff panel where a cross section of BAME staff can come together and advise on the guidance to ensure it reflects the lived experience of BAME staff in Higher Education.

Universities Scotland is working with UUK and Advance HE to help ensure staff from the sector in Scotland are represented on the panel. The panel will be made up of 12 members to come together to share their experience of tackling racial harassment in Universities, the following criteria have been developed for selecting volunteers:

·   Experience or understanding the complexities of dealing with/reporting racial harassment

·   Experience or understanding of investigating racial harassment cases

·   A balance of both Academic and Professional Services staff

·   Representation from colleagues from the different Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups

·   Representation of Age/Gender/Grade

·   Representation of the different regions/countries in the UK

·   Representation from different size/type of universities (volunteers must be from universities that are members of UUK and Guild HE)

Selected volunteers will be required to attend at least 2 meetings that will last 2 hours and will be held in London. The first meeting with be held on Monday 24 February at 11:00am. The second meeting will be held in April (date TBC).

Heriot-Watt is keen to support staff members interested in participating in the panel and will cover expenses.

If you take part in this consultation your contribution to the overall guidance will be acknowledged. 

If you would like apply for this panel, you can find more information on the Advance HE website.

The deadline for completed applications is Wednesday 12 February 2020.