Students work with businesses on sustainability challenges


Students from Heriot-Watt's Orkney Campus were tasked by local businesses to find solutions to sustainability challenges at an international event held recently.

With support from NORA, six Heriot-Watt students headed to the Faroe Islands last month to join university students from Canada, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Norway at Hydrogen Learning Network's International Community Energy Challenge.

The week-long event saw university students take part in sustainability challenges put forward by businesses and local organisations, offering an opportunity for students and industries to connect and work together to solve current issues around renewable energy.

The students' discussions largely centred on the use of electrofuels and making use of wind, solar, hydrogen and electric power to reduce emissions.

Sandy Kerr, Director at Heriot-Watt's School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society, accompanied the students to the Faroe Islands.

He said: “The event in Faroes has been a great success. The students gained experience of working in an international team and delivering solution to energy problems for real clients. The meeting also allowed the academic partners to explore opportunities for teaching and research collaborations. 

“Many communities across the North Atlantic share similar energy challenges and there is an opportunity to work together to find solutions.  We hope to run a similar event next year with our partners at University of Prince Edward Island as hosts.” 


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