Shaping our University Together - Staff Survey actions



One of the themes arising from the last staff survey was around improving day-to-day management across the University. Richard Claughton, Global Director of Human Resources was invited to lead a working group to develop recommendations.

The working group, comprising a wide range of representatives from all Schools, Professional Services and trade unions met three times over the summer period. In addition, feedback has been sought from our Dubai and Malaysia campuses and through various committees to ensure a wide range of views are being considered.

The group has made good progress towards developing a statement of expectations for all people managers providing increased clarity and consistency in terms of the role of managers/supervisors and their team members. This work is well underway and a draft statement has been developed which is currently being finalised.

A framework of management professional development will be created to ensure all people managers are fully prepared and supported in their role, and as part of this work we will be reviewing and refreshing the existing management development provision.

The final area the group has started work on is to make recommendations to improve the PDR process. Feedback relating to the PDR process was very mixed with some positives but many negative comments. The working group recognises that PDR should form a key element of a line manager's efforts to ensure that every colleague understands their role in supporting delivery of the University's Strategy and values and to support effective career and personal development discussions. We are confident we can develop PDR further to be beneficial to everyone.

If you would like to know more about the work of this group, please email Organisational Development.