Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Students Emerge 2nd Runner-Up at 2019 APEC YES Challenge



The HWUM Team at the Prize Giving Ceremony

Four Mechanical Engineering students from Heriot-Watt University Malaysia have secured the 2nd Runner-Up position at the 2019 APEC YES Challenge which was held at Feng Chia University, Taiwan from 6 to 8 September 2019.

The APEC YES Challenge is a competition where the teams are required to propose and defend a novel green sustainable business model in three stages. They are also grouped with other teams to compete in a Cross-Economy Innovation Challenge.

The team members are:

1. Vishnu Anil (Mechanical Engineering, Year 3)

2. Sukhpreet Kaur Karam Singh (Mechanical Engineering, Year 3)

3. Akhil Suraj Prasad (Mechanical Engineering, Year 3)

4. Kin Wai Yuen (Mechanical Engineering, Year 3)

Vishnu Anil (Mechanical Engineering, Year 3) also won the First and only prize for the Cross-Economy Innovation Challenge with his team.

The team comments, “Together we have learnt how to work better in a team, how to look at a problem from various point of views and learn from the challenges faced by other innovations. That itself challenged our thought process, ensuring we give our best in everything we do. And to do it with the team we have, and the support of the university of which enabled the full team to travel to Taiwan, made the whole experience amazing.”

The team is mentored by Noor Shieela Kalib, Vinod Kumar Venkiteswaran and Saqaff Ahamed Alkaff.