Global Values Champions



Congratulations to our Values Champions based in Malaysia who were recognised at Global Values Awards events on Wednesday 20 June as part of the campus' Celebration Week.

We are so proud of all of our Global Values Champions and hope that they will wear their values pins with pride and will share their stories with colleagues.

In Malaysia, 22 nominations were received, recognising around 100 colleagues' contribution to living our values. Nominations were received from within Malaysia but also from across our campuses, demonstrating a real sense of belonging and evidence of a values-led community.

The event was hosted by Provost Professor Mushtak Al-Atabi who said: "As we set on our journey to shape the future together, there will inevitably be challenges to overcome and difficult decisions to make. Our Core Values will serve as our north star guiding and inspiring us, both as individuals and as a global community, to do the right things.

"I am delighted and encouraged to see many of our colleagues embracing the Core Values and recognising those championing and living them.”

Apart from the Global Values Awards, we also took the opportunity to recognise colleagues who received the Teaching Excellence Awards 2019 and Research achievements for 2018.  

We would love to see more photos from our all Values Champions. Please continue to share on Twitter, using @OD_HW and #HWUCelebrationWeek.

To see a full list of our Global Values Champions, please click here.