Chief Scientist chairs pivotal conference on the future of inshore fisheries



Professor Michel Kaiser

Heriot-Watt's Chief Scientist is chairing an international conference to address the future of inshore fisheries management in the UK.

Michel Kaiser, Chief Scientist and Professor of Fisheries Conservation at Heriot-Watt University, is chair of the steering group that has overseen the Future of Our Inshore Fisheries conference taking place in London over October 8 and 9.

He said: "This initiative has been jointly driven by the UK fishing industries, governments and management bodies, and will take a much needed look at how we could improve the way we manage our fisheries in the future."

The event is one of the largest and most influential of its kind, attracting fisherman, industry leaders, policy makers, regulators and researchers from around the world including as far away as Canada and New Zealand.  

Professor Kaiser added: “The speakers at the Future of Our Inshore Fisheries conference will give a truly global perspective and first-hand experience on how inshore fisheries can be managed. They will provide insights into how this might be achieved in UK fisheries, sharing much best practice and many possible solution s based on their own experience." 

“Uniquely, this conference has strong representation from active fishermen who will bring their vital expertise, experience and thoughts as we discuss, reflect and consider ideas and proposals that have been stimulated by the international speakers at the event.

“This is the first step in what we see as a long-term project with industry. It's only by bringing fishermen together with industry leaders, policy makers, regulators, academics, the environmental sector and recreational fishing that we can find workable long-term solutions to the future management of inshore fisheries.”

Driven by an industry-led steering group and facilitated by Seafish, the public body that supports the £10bn UK seafood industry, the conference is part of an ongoing project. Set-up in January 2019, the conference aims to establish a blueprint for a collaborative management approach which ensures inshore fisheries and coastal communities are sustainable and thriving into the future.