Rebranding a world-renown institute to reflect the rapidly changing energy landscape



Heriot-Watt University has approved the name change of the Institute of Petroleum Engineering (IPE) to the Institute of GeoEnergy Engineering (IGE), which will be effective from September 2019.

The rebranding of IPE to IGE reflects the University's commitment to expand geoscience and engineering research, innovation, and training to address the challenges associated with the low-carbon transition, sustainable energy, and responsible resource management.

IGE has a proud heritage and long history of integrating geoscience and engineering to understand the subsurface for the benefit of the oil and gas industry, but also to deploy R&D towards geological carbon storage and, more recently, geothermal energy.

New collaborative projects with the Lyell Centre and British Geological Survey (BGS) are currently expanding IGE's research activities in decarbonised energy production and offer exciting new opportunities to link into a new University-wide global research initiative in sustainable energy.

EGIS's Director of Research & Director of Institute (IGE), Professor Sebastian Geiger said: “For four decades we have evolved the Institute of Petroleum Engineering.  Throughout all this time we have been a global leader for research and training in the upstream oil industry. We will continue to pioneer world-class research and training, but now across a much broader range subsurface geoenergy engineering, encompassing oil and gas, carbon capture and storage, geothermal energy, and renewable energy storage.” 

“The Institute has a global reach and we have over 300 students across our campuses including distance learning. We are proud that our 5000 graduates have successful careers in the oil industry and are confident that our future graduates will be equally successful in the rapidly changing energy landscape.”

“Our learning and teaching provision encompasses the range of MSc programmes, including our flagship MSc in Petroleum Engineering, and new MSc programmes in Mature Field Management and Subsurface Energy Systems.”

IGE announced the upcoming name change at the 81st Conference and Exhibition of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers and the new name will be used formally at the start of the new academic year.

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