Information Services supporting Strategy 2025 - what's new and coming soon



Information Services has been managing a portfolio of projects to support the delivery of Strategy 2025.

Watch the videos below to hear what colleagues have to say on some of the recent projects the team has delivered.

Vivienne White, Director of Administration for School of Textiles and Design talks about the positive impact of the Improved Infrastructure in the Borders campus.

“Adobe software for students, one login and access to files from any location”

Professor Colin Rickman talks about the benefits of Dropbox for Research Collaboration

“Share data internally and externally with collaborators, 24/7 access & unlimited data storage”

Amos Haniff, Dean of the University (Pan Dean) School of Social Sciences shares his thoughts on LinkedIn Learning.

“Access to vast range of video tutorials by industry experts for students and staff, learn at your own pace”

Guilherme De Souza, Head of Digital Infrastructure and Security talks about Heriot Watt's Cyber Security Accreditation.

“Confidence to work and study securely in challenging cyber security environment”



In 2020, the team will be delivering:

· Virtual Learning Environment and e-Portfolio, delivering a single Institutional VLE and e-portfolio solution.

· Enhancing online collaboration, transforming our on-premis Intranet to a cloud based solution enabling improved global communication, interaction between colleagues and external partners.

· Single Accommodation booking system for students and commercial bookings.

· Global Curriculum Management System supporting the lifecycles of our programmes, courses, upholding our quality review procedures both locally & globally and facilitating collaboration in programme and course design.