Vogue Italia for fourth year fashion student



A fourth year fashion student has had her final collection featured in the PhotoVogue section of Vogue Italia.

Lois Moyes, had her designs featured in the PhotoVogue – a hub where associated photographers upload images, which are then reviewed by Vogue Italia editors and the best ones are selected to feature.

And as a result of the publicity from the famous fashion publication, Lois was asked by Lewis Robert Cameron, a prominent stylist and fashion writer, to send some of her garments for a photoshoot for Kaltblut - Berlin's leading indie magazine.

Her collection was photographed by Anthony Webster.

Lois said: “I've always found inspiration by questioning societal attitudes. When watching Jenny Livingston's Paris is Burning 1991 documentary, I became concerned by the stigma projected onto the LGBTQ community, surrounding preconceptions of sexually transmitted diseases.

“I aimed to transpose this to a modern landscape where today STDs are a massively under-discussed and taboo subject towards both LGBT members and women.

“I want my clothes to be both escapism from stigma, as well as a trigger to combat misconceptions.

“The garments make reference to STD slang names - the printed crabs and Swarovoski clams - as well as the drama of the 80's LGBT ballroom scene.”

Lois' collection will be featured in Heriot-Watt's School of Textiles and Design's upcoming degree show #Transform18 on 25 May.

Lois added: “I'm massively excited for #Transform18. I've made the best friends studying here at Heriot-Watt and it'll be rewarding to see all of our hard work pay off, with the amazing plans for the show.

“There are so many great concepts and interesting designs and I believe there's something for everyone.”