Students celebrate completing transformation programme



Around 160 students in Malaysia are celebrating after completing a Youth Transformation Programme (YTP).

The programme aims to inspire students with activities designed to take them out of their comfort zones and “think out the box”.

It helps in combating low self-esteem resilience to overcome challenges.

Jasmine Low, Head of Malaysia Foundation Programme was instrumental in providing the students with the tools they need to get ahead.

While, the CEO and Provost of Heriot-Watt University Malaysia, Professor Mushtak Al-Atabi kicked-off the course with a session on the importance of emotional intelligence and how mind sets can be changed.

Students were taught to re-wire their brain and encouraged to remove the word problem from their vocabulary and replace it with the word 'opportunity'.

Salika Suksuwan also provided a session on How to Get that Job, which gave students tips on how to compete in the job market.

There was also information on the dos and don'ts of social media and tips on how to become an intelligent digital citizen.

Relating to the university's Year of the Sea – students also took part in a session where they were encouraged to create posters using recyclable materials to raise awareness on the issue of conservation of the seas, oceans, and rivers.

During the two week course, the young people were encouraged to write five things that they were grateful for each day and to post their notes on a gratitude wall.