New Business Aims to Revolutionise Birthday Celebrations



An enterprising group of students at Heriot-Watt University have launched a new platform to extend traditional birthday celebrations.

MyBirthday provides exclusive discount offers at more than 100 dining outlets across Malaysia that can be used an unlimited number of times by anyone during their birth month.

No vouchers or coupons are required – instead, customers only need to present suitable identification to staff at participating outlets to reap the benefits of the rewards. These can include free desserts to significant discounts on the overall bill.

The pioneering venture was founded by 20-year-old Kingsley Lew, a Quantity Surveying student,  along with his friend Nick Lam, 23, a Business Finance student and a few other university students based in Heriot-Watt Malaysia Campus.

MyBirthday is funded and supported by Mulah Rewards, the Malaysian start-up loyalty system that successfully took on AirAsia's venture in 2015. It was while working as interns at Mulah Rewards under co-founder Pei Ong that Kingsley and Nick first developed the concept for MyBirthday.

Kingsley explains: “We started MyBirthday as an intern project after Pei got inspired by bigger restaurant chains offering birthday deals but not the smaller ones.

“He immediately gave Nick and I the responsibility to lead the project and provided the necessary funds, advice and strategy. We wanted to revolutionise the way birthdays are celebrated. “Our purpose is to give those celebrating their birthdays a great deal!”

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