Heriot-Watt holds its first Inter-Campus Boat Race in Putrajaya, Malaysia



Heriot-Watt students from its three global campuses converged today in Putrajaya, Malaysia to participate in the University's first ever Inter-Campus Boat Race competition. Almost 40 students from Heriot-Watt's Malaysia, UK and Dubai campuses participated in two main events, the long boat and the dragon boat in the landmark event.

Students, staff as well as family and friends came together at the Putrajaya Water Sports Complex as early as 8am to show support to the teams. The students participated in 500 meter Men and Women doubles long boat, and 250 meter dragon boat.

The competition saw the UK campus winning in almost all the events, except for the dragon boat race, which went to the Malaysian team.

The purpose of this event has been very clear throughout all of the stages of planning. I believe that sports is a universal language that can bridge any gaps between the campuses, and I wanted to showcase that with this event.

Sports Union President, Jen Withers

This is further demonstrated at the event that saw campus transfer students from Edinburgh being part of the Malaysian team.

The competition was a great opportunity to experience a different form of rowing as compared to what we usually practice in the dubai campus. The competition also gave us a different insight to the competition present in other campuses.

Alok Dayanand, Dubai Campus Student Council President

Heriot-Watt University Malaysia's Provost and CEO, Professor Mushtak Al-Atabi emphasised on the importance of sports in inculcating happiness amongst the university community. “Heriot-Watt University Malaysia's 'A Happier U,' campaign which aims to inspire everyone to contribute to a happier world and also on how to be resilient. Sports boosts not only our physical well-being, but also our mental health, creating truly resilient individuals who are equipped to face an increasingly complex world.”

Professor Bryn Jones, the Deputy Vice-Principal for Heriot-Watt's Dubai campus who accompanied the Dubai team also emphasised on the event's ties to the University's Year of the Sea that looks into conservation and education related to oceans, seas and other bodies of water. “The sea and water is such an important factor in the global economy and global ecosystems that Heriot-Watt is looking at many issues related to it this year, with emphasis on Knowing the Sea, Loving the Sea and Using the Sea.”