Announcing the Sustainable Lab Awards Winners



Winners of the Awards with their prize

Transition Heriot-Watt is pleased to announce the winners of the Sustainable Lab Awards.

The Sustainable Labs project aims to improve the energy and resource efficiency of laboratories. Labs can use up to four times as much energy as offices and other academic buildings, and so the project has been created to help increase awareness of resource efficiency.

The Sustainable Lab Awards have been created in order to show recognition for the great efforts already undertaken to improve lab and workshop sustainability. 

Our winners for the 2018 Awards include a range of technicians, lab managers and a 3rd year Life Science student.

The Winners:

  • Krystena Callaghan - IB3 Lab Manager & School Safety Officer
  • Nilesh Kanase - Senior Technician in IB3  
  • Brian Hutton - Senior Technician, Chemistry, EPS 
  • Alicja Graczyk - Technician, Chemistry, EPS 
  • Sean McMenamy - Technical Services Manager for Life Sciences 
  • Sam van Den Bogaerde - 3rd year student, Life Sciences

Each of the winners have demonstrated a strong commitment to improving sustainability in their labs. Each has contributed their time and expertise as part of the Sustainable Labs project and beyond. Their contributions include providing feedback, assisting energy monitoring, supporting engagement activates for students and staff, and acting as key contacts.

Congratulations to the winners!

To find out more about the Sustainable Labs project please contact Chris Larkins, the Environment and Energy Manager (

The Awards
The award plaques were created by Nathan Oo (Laboratory Technician, EPS, from a discarded teak worktop.