Russian and UK researchers brainstorm for the benefit of the oil and gas industry



A group of Russian and UK researchers recently got together to tackle some of the world’s most difficult scientific problems in the oil and gas industry.

The event which took place this month at Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) in Russia, brought together professionals from leading oil and IT companies. 

Academics from several UK and Russian universities, including Heriot-Watt, also attended.

The project was a great success, as it linked two countries together to share great brain power and a common goal.

Vasily Demyanov, Associate Professor from the Institute of Petroleum Engineering

Young geologists, geophysicists, engineers and computer scientists discussed the major issues of the day including, how to communicate geological complexity in a digital way.

At the end of each brainstorming session, academics summarised their views and developed ideas for ground-breaking projects, which could assist the sector in the future.

Inna Popova, a representative of The British Council in Russia, said:  “We at the British Council appreciate that, from day one, the organisers were focused on building sustainable professional ties between young scientists in Russia and the UK, across several disciplines.

“By the end, the participants had concrete ideas for future collaboration, which is exactly the outcome we are always hoping to achieve with our grant opportunities. We would like to thank the coordinators at Heriot-Watt University and Tomsk Polytechnic University for their excellent work.”

Vasily Demyanov, Associate Professor from the Institute of Petroleum Engineering, added: “This was the most rewarding experience to observe all participants being deeply engaged in sharing their different views and reflecting in a positive way on ideas to build a joint understanding."

The event was sponsored by the Russian Foundation of Basic Research and the British Council Researcher Links Workshop grant and funded by oil and gas companies Gazpromneft LLC, Rock Flow Dynamics and Schlumberger.