Marine microbes washed down with a pint of ale



Dr Tony Gutierrez, of the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, demonstrated his professional dedication with a visit to the pub recently, to take part in the Pint of Science event. 

The three day non-profit event, which took place in a range of pubs across the UK and across over a dozen other countries, describes its aim as bringing ‘Some of the most brilliant scientists to your local pub to discuss their latest research and findings with you. You don't need any prior knowledge and this is your chance to meet the people responsible for the future of science (and have a pint with them).'

The talks covered a range of topics, with Dr Gutierrez speaking on the importance of microbes to all forms of life on earth, as well as their role in responding to and in helping to clean up the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. “The film Deepwater Horizon, starring Mark Wahlberg, is a dramatisation about the gruesome ordeal that over one hundred crew members faced in their battle to survive an inferno of sweltering heat on the doomed Deepwater Horizon oil rig. But the scientific frenzy of the ensuing months was just as dramatic with microbes performing a major role. 

Overwhelmingly positive feedback

“We met in Moriarty's Bar in Lothian road to discuss some of the big science done on the spill, what remains to be uncovered and some stories about the craziness that went on behind the scenes. 

“It was a great night and an opportunity to get our research across and discussed with people who might not have otherwise appreciated how microbes relate to them. The audience feedback afterward was overwhelmingly positive. Many said they came away with a greater understanding about the role that the tiniest of life forms play in their lives and wider world around us and their importance to the clean-up effort in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster… well of course as having a good evening out.”