James Watt graduates at Heriot-Watt University



James Watt and James Watt

Graduations are a time for celebration and feelings of pride in both personal achievements and your alma mater. For one Heriot-Watt student there will be a special sense of belonging as engineering student James Watt graduates at the University called after his own namesake.

I am hoping to apply my studies and expertise in sustainable engineering.

James Watt

Established in 1821 as the  Edinburgh School of Arts, Heriot-Watt was soon re-named The Watt Institution and School of Arts, in honour of the great Scottish inventor, mechanical engineer and chemist, James Watt, best known for advancing the steam engine. Later it was again re-named Heriot-Watt, also referencing George Heriot, the 16th century philanthropist and financier to King James.

While having no direct known relationship to his original namesake, 23 year old graduand James Watt, from Alford in Aberdeen, does share his passion for engineering, and will be graduating with Distinction with a Master of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering and Energy Engineering.

James stressed that it was practical considerations which actually attracted him to Heriot-Watt University. “The name wasn't really a factor. I had been speaking to companies in the areas in which I hoped to make my career, and they recommended Heriot-Watt for the subjects I was interested in. 

“They were right, and now I have completed my degree, I am hoping to apply my studies and expertise in sustainable engineering.”

James may not have any known direct relationship to the original James Watt, but we look forward to seeing what mark he may make in his own chosen field of engineering!