Heriot-Watt Researchers explore Dangerous Ideas


Are robots going to take over the world? Why do ‘senior moments' happen to some and not others? Where should we draw the line with doping in sport? Heriot-Watt Academics are taking to the stage in August to answer some of these questions, as part of the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas.

The Cabinet of Dangerous Ideas, now in its fifth year, is a unique programme of events that offers the public an opportunity to engage with world-class researchers in an educational yet entertaining environment.

In ‘Making a Signbank Withdrawal' Dr Jordan Fenlon and Andy Carmichael take a light-hearted look at the British Sign Language (BSL) ‘Signbank'

Professor Ruth Aylett explores the real story about what robots can, and cannot do in ‘The Robots are coming!'

Dr Alan Gow considers ageing and changes in mental skills in ‘What Keeps You Sharp?'

In the unique games show ‘Dae Ye Have A Sick-Line, Ken?', Dr Derek Ball considers the miniscule margin between success and failure in elite sport

Dr Elli-Maria Charalampidou considers personal and institutional responsibility for sustainability in ‘Can Sustainability Ever Be Mainstream?'

There are only a few rules for performers; one of the most important is the ban on PowerPoints and videos. Instead of hiding behind slides and lecturing, performers are expected to promote debate, discussion and discourse with the audience. Evaluation carried out by the organisers shows that almost 90% of audience members learnt something new at the shows they attended and almost half said they'd changed their minds on a subject as a result of the discussion.

Building on the success of the first programme, the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas has become an established presence in the Spoken Word section of the Edinburgh Fringe over the last few years and continues to grow.

The full programme and booking details can be found on the CODI website

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