Future space engineers boldly go...



Six members of the REVOLVE Project

Heriot-Watt University has welcomed its next generation of space engineers.

An international cohort of seven PhD students have embarked on a new four-year course named the REVOLVE project

Thanks to the rapid evolution of new technologies, this is a very exciting time to be involved in the space industry.

Professor George Goussetis

The project aims to examine and utilise latest technology in order to address a rapidly growing need to simplify the build process of satellites at reduced costs.

Project Coordinator, Professor George Goussetis of Heriot Watt University explained: “This is the start of an extremely interesting but ultimately exciting journey for these PhD students. 

“The REVOLVE project provides them with a unique, multi-disciplinary learning experience to ensure they are industry ready.

“As such, the REVOLVE project not only has a great deal of learning elements at Heriot Watt but also allows students to carry out their valuable research work at five other European institutions including universities, research centres and large satellite integrators.”

REVOLVE is coordinated by Heriot-Watt but run in partnership with leading research and development laboratories around Europe that specialise in satellite technology, namely; radio frequency electronics and antennas.

The students will spend time at each laboratory - located in universities, industry and technology institutes – where they will develop their scientific knowledge.

Prof. Goussetis continued: “As part of their learning programme, the young researchers will spend two months at Thales Alenia Space in France where they will branch off into their own research path. 

“Thanks to the rapid evolution of new technologies, this is a very exciting time to be involved in the space industry. 

“These students will be at the coal-face, so to speak, when it comes to developing new technology. They will help shape the future of space telecommunication missions, which effects everyday services including broadband, mobile phones and social media.”

Later this month the team will travel to Toulouse in France to attend the projects annual workshop at Thales Alenia Space. There they will be joined by representatives from the other agencies involved in REVOLVE.

Further information on REVOLVE can be found via @revolve_project and www.facebook.com/revolve.hwu.7