Professor Reid picks up international fellowship



A leading academic in Photonics and Quantum Sciences has scored a top fellowship from The Optical Society (OSA) in America.

Professor Derryck Reid picked up the award, which is prestigious in the optics community, for his contributions in the optics and photonics field.

The selection of Fellow Members for 2018 was made in September by the OSA’s Board of Directors.

The renowned Professor heads up the Engineering and Physical Sciences school at Heriot-Watt and is Programme Director for the University’s MSc in Nanotechnology and Microsystems.

Born in Edinburgh, the academic graduated from the University of Cambridge with a BA in Natural Sciences (Physics).

He completed his PhD at the University of St Andrews in 1994 and held an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship there from 1997 until 2000.

In 2001 he joined Heriot-Watt University as a Lecturer and was promoted to Professor in 2005.

The Optical Society promotes the sharing of knowledge in optics and photonics worldwide.