Applications double for Inter-Campus Transfers



Heriot-Watt's global student programme offers students the opportunity to carry their studies to new places and experience new cultures, expanding horizons on the way without any disruption to their degree programme. Students can discover what it means to be a true global citizen and emerge prepared for wherever their career journey takes them.

"I will honestly say that studying in Malaysia has been a life changing experience."

Fraser Scott, 3rd year International Business Management with Marketing student.Transferred from Edinburgh to Malaysia for one year.

Inter-Campus Transfers are one offering of Go Global. With campuses in the UK, Dubai and Malaysia, Heriot-Watt students can take advantage of the international campus locations by transferring to another location for a semester, a year or longer. Since its pilot in 2015, interest in Inter-Campus Transfers has almost doubled for 2017/18 with over 330 applications received as of July 2017.

"The past four months have been an experience I would never want to exchange. Dubai has become like a second home for me in this short semester and, consequentially, saying goodbye was difficult."

Antonia Voigt, 2nd year International Business Management student. Transferred from Edinburgh to Dubai for one semester.

The Go Global blog offers an insight into this unique student experience.

There are also options available for students to explore other parts of the world through the Exchange and Erasmus+ programmes.