The Great British Brain Off at the British Science Festival



A show by a Heriot-Watt academic was selected for inclusion at the British Science Festival 2016 in Swansea.

Dr Alan Gow performed 'The Great British Brain Off', a show which explores the factors which might protect or harm the ageing brain. The audience is encouraged to share their ideas about the key lifestyle 'ingredients' in the recipe for the perfect brain, which forms the basis for discussions about what we might do to promote better brain health with age.

Alan originally created The Great British Brain Off for the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe as part of Edinburgh Beltane's Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas. The show has since been taken to a number of different audiences, for example having been included in the Talk Science @ Irvine Bay programme, hosted by the Royal Society of Edinburgh. The Irvine Bay version of the show was recorded and can be viewed while an associated report has also been published. 

Earlier in the year, Alan was awarded the Principal's Senior Public Engagement Prize for his work on Brain Off and related knowledge exchange activities.