Making the UK more flood resilient



Professor Gareth Pender outside number 9 Downing Street

Professor Gareth Pender from the Heriot-Watt Insitute for Infrastructure and Environment (IIE) recently visited number 9 Downing Street to contribute to the National Flood Resilience Review.

National Flood Resilence Review

Following the devastation of Storm Desmond which left hundreds of homes flooded out across the north of England, the government announced a National Flood Resilence Review in order to assess how the country can be better protected from future flooding and extreme weather events.

The review, chaired by The Right Honourable Oliver Letwin FRSA MP, focuses on 4 key areas:

  • updating the UK's climate modelling and stress-testing the nation's resilience to flood risk;
  • assessing the resilience of the UK's important infrastructure like electricity substations;
  • UK temporary defences; and
  • UK future investment strategy.

The review is set to be published this summer, after which the governement will immediately implement any short term measures and begin to work on the longer term strategy.

Professor Garry Pender

Garry is a specialist in flood inundation modelling, with particular expertise in the use of 1D and 2D models in predicting flood extent. His work in this field is internationally recognised, leading a number of high-profile Flood Risk Management projects. Garry is part of the Water Academy team who work on water-related research at the School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Environment at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.