European Referendum



The UK has voted to leave the European Union and Heriot-Watt respects this decision. This outcome has a number of potential implications for Heriot-Watt University and as these become clearer the University will be working with Universities Scotland, UUK, and other universities to positively and proactively influence the exit negotiations.

It is important to remember nothing will change overnight as a result of the referendum decision. The process to negotiate the UK exit will be protracted and is likely to extend over some years. In the meantime Heriot-Watt will continue to support and welcome EU students and colleagues into our community of scholars and build on and enhance our valued relationships with our European partners and researchers.

Working with Universities Scotland and other leading UK institutions, the University's priority will be to positively influence the negotiations. We want to retain the right for staff and students from EU countries to continue working and studying in Scotland and to negotiate access to European programmes for students, staff and research.

Heriot-Watt is an inclusive, global university. Our operations span the world and transcend borders. Our relationships with Europe, European universities and other institutions remain very important to us and we will work with all governments and stakeholders to ensure those relationships are preserved under the new arrangements. Heriot-Watt believes this is compatible with the electorate's decision and would be to the benefit of our University, Scotland and the wider UK.

More information

The latest advice from Universities UK for students, staff about European projects is now available.

We will provide further updates as more information is available.