Academic wins RSE prize for Public Engagement



I offer my warmest congratulations to this year's talented Prizewinners.
Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Dr Helen Bridle, Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, has been awarded the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) Innovator's Prize for Public engagement 2016.

The RSE launched the RSE Prizes for Public Engagement in 2011, with ‎the aim of recognising and rewarding the advancement of high quality public engagement ‎with research.

The awards are presented to individuals at the height of their discipline, as well as those who are showing great potential in the early stages of their career. Representing areas as diverse as particle physics, entrepreneurship and race equality, they highlight the vitality and scope of Scotland's academic sector.

Dr Bridle won the prize for her innovative and original contributions to public engagement as an ambassador for (young women) engineers and engineering through her work including delivering her 'Ingenious!' outreach scheme to schools and her publication in 'Lab on a Chip' which has led to increased public engagement activities across schools and science festivals.

Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, President of the RSE, commented, “I offer my warmest congratulations to this year's talented Prizewinners. They, along with previous recipients, help to advance 'learning and useful knowledge', which is also part of the RSE's remit.”