Water Technology and Desalination MSc launched



L-R: Leon Awerbuch - Dean of the IDA Desalination Academy, Professor Garry Pender, Patricia Burke (IDA), Professor Bhaskar Sen Gupta and Professor Wael Mualla.

On Tuesday 20 January Professor Garry Pender, Head of the School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society, and Professor Bhaskar Sen Gupta launched the new MSc in Water, Technology and Desalination at the International Water Summit in Abu Dhabi.

This applied programme, offered in association with IDA, ensures students on this programme acquire a necessary skill set to meet the current market demand.
Professor Bhaskar Sen Gupta, Programme Leader

Offered only by Independent Distance Learning, the Water Technology and Desalination MSc is delivered by Heriot-Watt University in partnership with the International Desalination Association’s (IDA) Desalination Academy. Led by Leon Awerbuch, the Desalination Academy is a global institute for professional training and continuing education on desalination and water reuse. Its faculty of Master Teachers represent the world’s leading authorities in all aspects of desalination, from technology and operations to the economics of desalination.

Programme Leader Professor Bhaskar Sen Gupta, from the Institute for Infrastructure and Environment, said “The global scarcity of fresh water and the ever increasing requirement for desalination and recycling creates a high demand for water technologists. This applied programme offered in association with IDA ensures students on this programme acquire a necessary skill set to meet the current market demand”.

International Water Summit

The International Water Summit (IWS) is a global platform for promoting water sustainability in regions suffering from severe lack of available water. The summit brings together world leaders, field experts, academics and business innovators to accelerate the development of new sustainable strategies and technologies. For more information on the summit, please visit the IWS website.